scene controller stuck at purging associations

Have been experimenting with some CA5100 scene controllers but I cannot get them to finish the setup sequence in my VeraLite with 1.5.622 firmware. (which is the most recent as far as it can tell)

The units are just scene controller switches, no local load control, I thought they could be linked to scenes in the Vera.

I?ve tried 2 of them so far both with the exact same problem. They add to the network without difficulty and show up in the UI as ?scene controller? and then they begin their node configuration routine which always fails at ?purging associations? I let it sit for a day as patience is often rewarded I?ve noticed and still stuck there even as I continually told it to ?configure node now? I removed it from the network, re-added it from the network, power cycled it and still it sticks at purging associations. So I installed a second one and it sticks at exactly the same spot. Do scene controllers work?

Yes, they do. I just installed one in my network. I had the same issue with my Door lock and I couldn’t get it working regardless what I tried even after I called support from the Door manufacturer.

You can test that by bringing the Vera close (within 3 feet) to the scene controller but NOT on batteries. I took a long ethernet cable and a power cord extension and I was able to have the door lock run through all cycles after the initial joining sequence. This told me that something is in between my Vera and the Door lock when I put Vera in her final location.

With that said I was able to get it working today as I installed another device between my Vera and my Door lock. It acted as a neighbor and now the Door lock went through the whole cycle.

The issue can be something between Vera e.g. equipment like Washing machine, Microwave, anything wireless like your router and I read a case of a baby monitor causing the pairing to fail.

I suggest you try what I did with the long cables and if that works you will know that you have to somewhere add additional z-wave devices to act as a proxy aka neighbor.

Additional note: If you use battery operated Z-wave devices your neighbor device(s) need to support “Z-wave beaming”. Google that term if you don’t know what that means.

Good luck and keep use posted.

OK well at least there is hope then thanks :slight_smile: This second one that I added is actually wire nutted to a chopped off extension cord plugged in less than 3 feet from the controller, but I did add it while on battery power. I will remove it and readadd it through the online tools with it sitting literally next to it and see what happens.

alas, I cannot make these work. They associate fine with errors, but hang at purging associations. And since the configuration is evidently incomplete I cannot select a scene to activate when they are turned on or off. That window in the configuration has no scene popups to choose from. I have removed the device, re-added the device both while in battery power and through the UI while it?s plugged in 2 feet from the vera and it will not get past purging associations.

Any other suggestions greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Maybe you could reset the device and reinstall.

When the a exclude and included doesn’t work as svaleb suggested, you may need to check your logs/contact Vera support to ensure a device isn’t flooding your Z-Wave network.

That’s the only time I had an issue as you described on a Leviton Scene in wall controller.


I am having the exact same issue with my ca5100. I have a bunch of these on my network, I just ordered another batch and all of the new batch has issues at getting stuck at configuration. I compared them to my other ca5100 and the version number on “good” ones are V1.65 and the “bad” ones are V1.64. did you ever get this resolved? what version are your CA5100? has anybody had success with V1.64 of the CA5100?

If it’s not a temp issue (that a main breaker power cycle won’t fix), I’ve seen issues with my scenes themselves cause issues. Try recreating the scenes or remove scenes until you find the offending one.