Scene Capable Controller

I would like to add a 4 button scene controller just next to my front door. On the buttons, I’d like to attach Vera scenes to them [shut off all inside lights, open garage door when I’m leaving] or [turn on TV and play a random XBMC playlist]. Is there a generally recommended scene controller that folks use?

Leviton is an option (assuming you’re located in their market). But I would recommend going with the zone controller flavor, and make sure they are the recent model (not the -1LX).

There also is a battery-operated GE version, but it reportedly has specific issues with node numbers.

Cooper makes one I believe; not sure how many folks use them.

And there’s the fancy Evolve unit with a display. Check the forum here on current support status with Vera.

Thanks for the help, looks like the Evolve LCD1 is the way to go and the plugin looks awesome!

The Intermatic (or Wayne Dalton) HA07 controller would do the trick, and it can be mounted on a wall.

There was a similar thread asking about this, and that thread had a picture of the HA07 mounted on the wall.

Doing a search on HA07 should find that thread.