Scene Automations

Hello all. I just got everything moved from SmartThings to my new VeraPlus today and I have to say, thus far, my experience has been awesome. Very easy to set up and I love that things run locally. I was in the process of setting up all my automation with a Raspberry Pi 3 using open source software when I came across Vera. As soon as I learned that (it appears at least) everything runs locally, I was sold. Though I will miss the battery backup of the SmartThings.

Okay, all of that said to ask a couple of questions.

First, automations. As an example, I have an automation tied to my back door sensor that, when opened after sunset, it turns on the back yard flood lights and porch light. Obviously, when the door closes the lights go out. This automation stops running after sunrise. Is there a way to do this in just one automation? I can see that I can set it up so that between sunset and sunrise if the door opens, turn on the lights, but it looks like I have to set up a separate automation in order to turn them back off. Is there not a way to say something along the lines of:

If between sunset and sunrise AND door open, turn on lights. Else, turn lights off

Forgive me if there is a simple solution to this, but I am just not seeing it thus far.

Lastly, notifications. I am getting notifications on everything it seems. I have some zigbee based hinge door sensors and despite there being no notifications turned on for them at the device level, I get one each and everytime one of them opens and closes and I have about a half dozen of them in my home. I am in the process of transitioning them over to Aeotec Zwave sensors, but I am not there yet and the notifications make my phone sound like some 4-alarm fire response.

Well thats about it for this round. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Welcome to the forum. There is lots of information to be found if you know the right terms to search for!

Try this post for a useful introduction to Conditional Scene Execution.

There are other tools like third-party plugins that can do this too, PLEG seems to be a favourite.

Thank you akbooer. I did not know what, exactly to search for, but your link has proven very useful.

I finally figured out that the notifications I was getting was due to all of the open/close sensors being armed, so I have been able to correct that. Now, I guess, I need to learn LUUP so I can write some more intricate automations.

Oh, and one other thing, you guys, the forum admins, make it incredibly difficult to post here. Geeesh.

All that hassle goes away after a few more posts.

All that hassle goes away after a few more posts.[/quote]

Excellent. Lots of good information here from what I have read thus far. Good to know it will get easier to participate.