Scene Activation Fibaro Dimmer 2 / VeraEdge


I’ve searched but couldn’t find a solution.

Does anyone know how to setup scene activation on a Fibaro Dimmer 2 ? I have a UI7 Vera Edge.

I have added parameter #28 1 byte Dec = 1 to enabled scene activation, but I cannot see how to setup the rest of it.

The attached is from the user manual regarding SceneID.

I would like to use the S2 Input on the Dimmer 2 (down button on the wall switch) and have it run a scene on a double click.

Roller blinds switches
SCENE ID: S2 input
14 : 2 x click

Looking in the Dimmer 2 device(s) and also looking at triggers in a scene I can’t see any way in the native UI7 to set SceneID = 14 and specify which scene should then be run.

Anyone got this working?


Reading the forums some more it seems this can only be done with either some startup LUA code or PLEG. I am surprised Vera haven’t implemented this yet into the native UI7 GUI.

I found this thread here about the PLEG setup.

I wanted a double click S2 (down button) on the Lounge room Dimmer 2 to turn on / off the Kitchen ceiling lights.

Attached are some screen shots of my PLEG setup:

I really wanted only a double click on S2 (down button) to run the scene / action, but both S2 and S1 (up button) on a double click, report “14” in the LastSceneID in Device Properties.

So now double clicking down or up fires the action to toggle the Kitchen Ceiling lights.

This means on the Dimmer2 I’ve kinda lost the inbuilt double click up function to brighten the connected Lounge lights to 100%, it still works, but now it also toggles the Kitchen ceiling lights as well. There is a parameter #23. “Double click option - set the brightness level to MAX” setting this to 0 would disable it completely.

Anyway its now working and a double click up or down runs the toggle Kitchen ceiling lights action.

For completeness of information I am using a 3 position retractive switch (Roller Shutter type) On the Dimmer 2, I have parameter #20 set at 1 byte Dec = 2

The dimming up (Press up and hold) and dimming down (Press down and hold) is still working as before I added the scene activation functionality.

Pressing up once turns on the connected lights, pressing down once turns off the connected lights etc.

I also wrote about this Dimmer 2 installation on my blog here with photos, guess I need to update it now with this new information about scene activation.

If you actually want to run a scene on the PLEG Action I assume you would under the LUA tab just add a bit of LUA code to call a scene.

Might try this next with a triple click !

Calling a scene it works - I’ve added a triple click to also toggle my lounge side lamps on or off scene #34.

As per the Dimmer 2 user manual triple click only works on S2 (down button).

In the PLEG Action under the LUA tab I used this code to run my scene

luup.call_action("urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:HomeAutomationGateway1", "RunScene", {SceneNum=34}, 0)

Hi, I tried your setup and it looked promising, my setup is pretty similar, double click toggles one light, triple click toggles another. However the actions are triggered even when I just turn the dimmer light on or off - like if the last scene gets “replayed”. Also the “last change” of the SceneActivated property doesn’t change since the property addition. Any thoughts?

Have you tried using triggers instead of properties?,15855.msg200101.html#msg200101 I use sl_SceneActivated instead.

I can’s see any suitable trigger for scene activation :frowning:

I just added another Dimmer 2 module in a bedroom, I wanted to setup a double click on the wall light switch to also turn on a lamp in the room.

Looking back at how I did this previously in PLEG.

On this new dimmer 2 module there were no sl_SceneActivated / LastSceneID / LastSceneTime variables present on the device, unlike my old dimmer 2 that does have these.

I set the same device options / parameter settings on the new dimmer 2 module as I did on the old dimmer 2 module. e.g.

Parameter# 28 - 1 byte Dec - Value = 1
Parameter# 23 - 1 byte Dec - Value = 0

I wasn’t sure why this was the case?

I then actually went to the light switch on the wall and did a double click. I then refreshed the Vera GUI went back in to the Dimmer 2 Variables view in Advanced and now those three missing scene controller variables are present.

I was then able to continue and configure the Device Triggers -> Device Properties and the Condition and Action in PLEG and now when I double click the wall light switch the lamp in the room toggles state on or off OK.

This may answer the last posters question.

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