Saving DSC Disarm Pin

Hello, I have a DSC 1832 with and EVl-3. How do you save the pin in the DSC plugin so I don’t have to manually enter it every time I want to disarm the alarm?

Reason is I’m trying to create a scene that includes a request to disarm my alarm but seeing the pin wont save the scene is useless.

Thanks for any help you can provide

You’ll need to create a scene.

  • Garrett

And you can add the code to run it it your startup Lua.

And you can add the code to run it it your startup Lua.[/quote]
Why would you do that at Vera Startup?

In a DSC, the Plugin never keeps the PIN “in memory” for longer than it takes to pass the PIN onto the Panel. Instead, any PIN codes (etc) must be stored in the appropriate Scene, created via “Advanced Scenes”, or entered each time via an appropriate CP.

That Scene then needs to be executed to disarm the Alarm Panel (etc).

Obviously, these all end up in the Backup files, and in the Log files, that go to MiOS servers, so folks just need to keep that in mind when creating Scenes with PIN codes (or Device configurations, for any Panel impls that do that)

Perfect… Thanks for the advice… Saw where to enter the pin under scenes/advanced tab

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