Samsung Smartthings Arrival Sensor

I just got a Samsung Smartthings Arrival Sensor and can’t seem to get my VeraLite to pair with it. The Sensor is suppose to be Z-wave compatible (also Zeebig as well).

Anyone have any idea how to make it work?


The Smartthings Arrival Sensor Communication Protocol is only ZigBee. :frowning:

Now you have an excuse to purchase that Vera Plus ;D ;D ;D

I was afraid of that. Well, I guess there is a VeraPlus in my future…

Has anyone tried pairing one of these with their VeraPlus? If so, how well does it work?

For the heck of it I bought a Smartthings Arrival / Presence sensor off eBay for $21 to try it out. It paired just fine with my Vera Plus but that’s it. When I click on any of the options I get “Error executing function”.


Did you have any luck with this?