Sample HTML?

Any gurus out there care to publish some sample HTML for controlling specific devices? What do I mean? Some examples would be:

  • a link that turns on a light, presuming you know the internal address of your Vera and how to identify the device
  • a link that turns off a light
  • a link that sets a dimmer to a specific percentage
  • a link that activates a scene
  • a link that shows current status of a specific device (I saw how to do the status of all devices)

This would enable a less advanced user to write a simple HTML page with links just for specific tasks, or to add tasks to their Favorites, for example.

I have started to look at this myself, but having some simple examples would be great kick-starter.

Much gratitude and appreciation,

Have you looked at the Wiki? It’s has examples of how to control the devices.

The ones I have tryed for the fun of it. :slight_smile:

Device 13:





Level 50:


I just realized I never said thank you for the responses… Thank you!