Safari hanging Vera Edge

My Vera Edge works well through the apps, but when I logon through Safari or Chrome (from my macbook), it logs on to the Vera Edge, but then hangs showing a green spinning wheel. Although I see the side panels on the left, it also shows the temperature in the right top corner, I can’t select anything. Also after leaving it for hours, it does not get through. Then powering off the Vera edge and then on again does not fix it. Going through chrome gives me the same issue.

Is there anyone who has an idea what I can do? It looks like a vera firmware problem to me. I have recently upgraded to the latest (can’t see what version), but i did that in mid february 2015.

I also have this problem on 1 of my pc’s. I have identical laptops one of them I erased windows 8 and loaded windows 7 and it works fine. The other has the original windows 8 software and gives me the same images you are describing. I am thinking that it is something with windows 8… since all the hardware is the same.

I have the exact same problem when I access from my iMac running OSX (both Safari and Chrome), Windows Laptop running Win7 and ipad using Safari. I had the same problem several months ago and did a complete reset of my Vera Edge to fix it. Vera Customer support couldn’t help. Two weeks after resetting it started happening again. I can access the unit with the iPad Vera app, but not with a webbrowser.