Running PLEG Condition (Action) using LUA / LUUP code


I am using PLEG for several years now, to run all my Vera logic.

I have a couple of Conditions (Actions) that I trigger using HomeWave from my mobile using LU_ACTION:


Yesterday I (finally) upgraded to PLEG New UI.
Since then, the above does not execute the condition any more.

Was anything changed in the new UI? Different syntax? Something else?

Thanks in advance!

It seems to me that something is broken with PLEG running luup actions.

As I wrote above, the command to run it from HomeWave stopped working for me.

Today I have tried running it from my computer:

  1. Using a browser with the following command:

I received the following, but the condition did not run:

<u:RunActionResponse xmlns:u="urn:schemas-rts-services-com:service:ProgramLogicC:1"> <JobID>248</JobID> </u:RunActionResponse>

I also tried using the “Test Luup Code” in the Vera UI, using the following:


I received a “Code sent successfully.” message, but PLEG didn’t run the condition.

Am I doing anything wrong, or does PLEG have a bug?

I am using PLEG version 8.11 and PLC version 8.23.

RunAction would be paired with actionName, not conditionName.

Try switching to actionName=BlaBlaBla


When did it change?
Where is it documented?

It worked me perfectly with ?conditionName? until
I upgraded to the new PLEG UI.

[quote=“cafri, post:4, topic:199687”]Thanks!

When did it change?
Where is it documented?

It worked me perfectly with ?conditionName? until
I upgraded to the new PLEG UI.[/quote]

I am not sure - I just looked at what properties a PLEG exposes if you make it the target of an action (like you do to start a timer)… I would not be surprised if this did change as conditions were more explicitly separated from their associated actions…

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