Running long transitions

Are there any recommendations for running “long scenes” with Vera?

In particular, I’d like to “dim down exterior lights from 100% to 20% over 4 hours starting 3 hours after sunset”. Similar cases would be shifting color temperature of Hue’s throughout the day.

The only way I can see doing this (as a novice) is configuring individual scenes for each increment. Besides the obvious bloat of scene per incremental step, it should also be interruptible (e.g. If the lights are turned on or off manually, the overall progression should be cancelled rather than firing at the next increment.

By default, your best option is multiple scenes. You can schedule each one as an X hour offset from sunset.

To do what you want, the better option is the Program Logic Event Generator(PLEG) plugin. It can do long delays, survive restarts, and be coded to accommodate manual intervention.