Run scene only when LUX is below #


I’m pretty new to Vera so sorry for the (mabye) dumb question.

I’m looking to trigger a scene (lights on at motion) but only when the light sensor (Fibaro mulit sensor) is below a lux #
Also I have 2 sensors that measure the motion but the scene needs to check the Lux # from 1 of the 2 before turing on the light.

Anybody got an idea?
Is this even possible with simple scene of do i nee to use PLEG?

You can do it with LUUP. You just need to check the LUX variable from the particular sensor.
And of course you need to know how to work with LUUP to control your scenes.
You should also be able to use PLEG if that’s easier.

The problem you may run into is that most sensors don’t report changes in real time. My battery powered combo sensors only wake up and report temperature and light levels every 30 minutes. So the scene may run or not, based on data that is not correct at the time.
You may not have this problem if your sensor is powered and configured to report in more frequently.

The variable you need to look at is probably “CurrentLevel” for the light sensor device number.
Something like …
luup.variable_get (urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:SecuritySensor1, “CurrentLevel”, deviceNo)
I’m not sure of the right serviceId though so I’ll let someone else chime in who knows more than I do.

Please do read this thread on conditional scene execution,18679.msg141954.html#msg141954

Searching the forum will also turn up lots of similar needs and solutions.