Run HomeWave Push Notifications on OpenLuup?

In an attempt to make my Vera Plus more stable I have since a few months OpenLuup up and running at home.

HomeWave works brilliantly with OpenLuup. In fact I have it set up for all my three controllers; an ageing UI5 VeraLite, a Vera Plus and OpenLuup.

Since getting OpenLuup in place I have started moving as much as possible from my Veras to offload them.
My question now is if it would be possible to run the HomeWave Push Notifications app on OpenLuup?
As far as I have seen it is not available from Alt App Store.

Any advice anyone?


@intveltr is the HomeWave developer. I know he runs it on openLuup. Perhaps he will be along to help.

Thank you for the quick reply, that sounds promising.


I am using the Push plugin on OpenLuup, but I am not sure how exactly to set it up. Truth be told, I had someone else do my entire OpenLuup installation :slight_smile:

You should be able to download the plugin files from your Vera and get them into your OpenLuup setup. I’ll see about getting them added in the Alt app store as well.

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If there’s any problem with this, I’m here to help.

I haven’t used the push notifications plugin myself, so maybe now is the time to learn!

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Excellent news, then I will check in the Alt App store later on. :smile:

I must say that HomeWave is a really good app, and well worth the cost. I would even go so far as to say that it is one of the main reason for me staying with Vera for all these years.
First using it with my VeraLite, then I added my Vera Plus, and recently also OpenLuup. Having all three controllers in one app is brilliant.