Run action within specified time interval

I’d like have a switch trigger a different scene depending on the time of day.

I’d like the GoToBed action trigger between 8:30 PM and 6:00 AM. And the GoToSchool action trigger between 6:00 AM

and 8:30 PM.

The GoToBed action isn’t reliably starting. Last night I tried it at around 11:00 PM and it didn’t work. This

morning at 7:30 AM it worked though. Does the syntax look correct?

GoToBed Yes EntryTimerIsTurnedOn AND (20:30:00;NOW;06:00:00)
GoToSchool Yes EntryTimerIsTurnedOn AND (06:00:00;NOW;20:30:00)

Thanks in advance!

…AND (20:30:00;NOW;06:00:00) will not work as the times span midnight. Write it as …AND NOT (06:00:00;NOW;20:30:00)

You may have problems with these Conditions having Repeats set on. They will fire every minute when Now is evaluated.

I’ll give it a try tonight. Thanks!