I have already check some Topic about that but nothing really clear.
I have a CAM without HTTP video stream, only RSTP.

How can I interface the RTSP video streaming to my Vera Edge.

Thx in advance

Most folks use Blue Iris. You can read on how to set it up by searching this forum.

I would not do this on a vera and second @phillid2 recommendation… even more so on a Vera edge. The CPU on these units don’t have GPU and streaming video is a bit too much for these chips which were designed to be routers. I would look into a dedicated NVR like Blue iris or in a NAS.

Agree 100% with @phillid2 and @rafale77, or get a dedicated NVR system.

Thanks at all for your reply.
I think you have right a NVR system could be better for the monitoring part.
Have everything in the same system was the best solution but not with Vera edge !!

I use the Surveillance Station in Synology NAS as NVR witch has a plugin for Vera so that I can use some triggers in vera to perform actions in the NVR such as sending me a snapshot from the camera when a outside motion sensor is triggered.

Ok thx for the feedback