RS485 thermostat bridge/HVAC node

So I had a MySensors thermostat bridge node for my RCS TR40 RS485 Thermostat that I had put together to work with Domoticz. I am working on the changes needed to use it with my new Vera Plus controller and I have Most all the functions working between Vera and the thermostat. The one thing I am having trouble with though is the setpoint. The MySensors documentation has the heating and cooling setpoints separate, V_HVAC_SETPOINT_HEAT and V_HVAC_SETPOINT_COOL respectively. The problem I have is that the plugin for Vera only shows one temperature setpoint. The thermostat has a legacy single setpoint option that I can use, but I don’t see any support for it in MySensors . I am passing both my heating and cooling setpoints from the thermostat and neither one updates the plugin. If you view the attached image, you can see that the setpoint temp shows as 0.0 ?F. The other issue is that there is only one setpoint control, so I am not sure how the single selected setpoint value is transmitted back to the node for processing. I cannot get the selected setpoint to update the thermostat and I cannot get the thermostat to update the Vera plugin with a setpoint value.

Can anyone lend a hand with this dilemma?

For anyone interested in my solution for this, see my topic on the MySensors forum.

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