Roller Shutter devices in Alexa? (Vera Hubs)

I dont normally use Alexa but as all the voice assistant stuff is still broken and fubar, Alexa for Vera firmware hubs seems to be the only one kinda working that you can add new devices into.

I added some other new devices like lights and plugs OK, the the Roller Shutter / Curtains / Blinds devices I selected in the Vera “Manage Alexa” portal web page do not seem to appear in the Alexa app.

Should they ?


As for the other stuff.

  1. Manage Alexa for Ezlo - Finish button does not work

  2. Manage Google Home for Ezlo - Finish button does not work

  3. Manage Google Home for Vera - Portal page doesnt even load kicks you back to the controllers list.

  4. Manage Alexa for Vera - Seems to be the only one kinda working.

  5. Devices previously added for a Vera firmware hub into Google Home and Alexa are still operational, they can be controlled via the voice assistant app or via voice command.

  6. Devices previously added into Google Home for Ezlo hubs are not operational and say Offline all the time.

  7. Devices previously added into Alexa for Ezlo hubs, I don’t have any so can’t comment if they still work or not?

Also not related to Vera or Ezlo but why am I getting some lights in the Alexa app duplicated?

I added the Philips Hue skill and it found all my Hue lights, these are listed as coming from “Hue hub” and they do work and I can turn them on and off etc.

However I also have the same lights duplicated and they show as coming from whatever manufacturer the light is. For example this duplicated light says its from Gledopto

Any idea why this happens?

Is like the Alexa app is some how discovering lights directly not via the Philips Hue hub.

I manaully disabled the Gledopto light, so that’s why the Disabled button is grey. This does not remove the not working duplicated light from the Alexa app however.

EDIT: I deleted the Gledopto duplicate light from the Alexa app. However if you Discover devices again it comes back.


I was previously able to add Roller Shutter devices into the Google Home app via a Vera firmware hub OK.

So not sure why they also dont appear in the Alexa app? Unless it was never supported with the Vera skill?