Roller shutter 2 amperage question

Hi guys could someone please explain to me what the 4,2 amp and 1,7 amp mean on the back cover of the rs2.

They are current ratings, with no more info it’s hard to say for what. manufacturer model etc. maybe a photo.

Here is a link it’s pic # 3. I am guessing it means the maximum amperage the roller shutter motor can be before it blows the fuse.

edit - Scratch that its not a motor.

I see no links to pictures

Sorry I forgot to put the link here it is

OK, the two amperage ratings are for lamps (non-inductive load): 4.2A and motors (inductive load) 1.7A


So does this mean the roller shutter motor I have must not exceed 1.7 amps.

In this situation, just put a relay between. I did to trigger 12v loads from 220v (it was a garage door linked to a Fibaro FGS 223, because I ran out of 222).

@ElCid is an electrician and could help further :wink:

So at 230v that would be a 390w max motor. Approx 30 Nm , 60kg.
At 110v that would be a 185w max motor
What are you intending to lift?

The motor I have is 135w or 0.55a it’s a 15nm motor @230v.
thanks for all your help