Robot Lawn Mowers

Have been toying with the idea of getting a Robot Lawn Mower. Has anyone already done this and can recommend which is best or best value for money. Also can they be integrated with Vera?

Many thanks

Been watching the market and reviews for a while on this one, but the cost has been prohibitive. That said I have finally taken the plunge and gone with the Flymo 1200r. Its based on the same system as Husqvarna i.e. small blades which cut little and often. This model has no communication at all and relies on guide wires rather than GPS, but frankly it does everything I want and the lawn is absolutely beautiful. So the debate for me once I had the style of cutter I wanted was integrate at an additional cost of circa ?2k or not. I chose the latter. Maybe next time the price will have dropped sufficiently, but at the moment the cost of being able to include it into my HA setup is prohibitive. Hope that helps.

I’m also intrigued by these, as my lawns together are of a size that pretty much requires a tractor to mow (at least at my age). In lieu of a lawn tractor, I have a service that comes every other week, and they also blow, trim bushes, etc. The service is not cheap, so the return on investment would be under two years. But, then all the trimming and blowing will also be up to me, so I’m thinking not worth it. :slight_smile:

In addition, I have two Neato vacuums that run around my house, and as good as they are, they still get stuck on/in furniture or other obstacles, and occasionally fail to return to base for charging, requiring human intervention. I really don’t relish the idea of a multi-thousand dollar mower adding a similar load.

Also, my front and rear lawns are connected by a concrete drive only, and at least for the Husqvarna, there seems to be no easy path to burying their guide cable between them that doesn’t involve busting up my driveway. Guide cable or GPS, the mower would have to traverse a gate that is required to remain closed/locked by local codes (we have a pool). Busting up the driveway or punching a low hole in the fence/gate would probably not meet with spousal approval, either.

Bonus, my lawn guy reminds me to pay him, so I don’t even have to create a scene for that.

I really do want to get one, but there’s quite a few out there and the price varies greatly. It’s a shame non seem to be compatible with Vera. Be nice to integrate it into a scene.