Ring/Find my Android

I saw in a thread that someone had made it so their S/O could press a button on a scene controller and it would ring their iPhone. I would like to do the same with our Android devices (specifically my Fiances). I’m not sure if there is a plugin for this or not yet. I searched, but nothing came up. What I would like is the “Ring” function from the android device manager, but I don’t think they have a public API. I would also like it to be as easy to set up on her phone since she goes through phones fast (cheap Metro PCS ones at least!) What that function does is ring the phone, even if it is on vibrate or silent (the ringer is turned all the way up and the phone plays the ringtone for a minute or so). I know I could do it through tasker, but I was hoping someone knew of an easier way.

Maybe this could be added into one of the existing android apps (I’m looking at you Garret/AutHomation! :P)

You might be able to use the Twilio plugin to ring a number.

[url=http://apps.mios.com/plugin.php?id=4076]MiOS Apps