Ring Doorbell Trigger

For a very long time, I have used the Wink App to trigger Ring Doorbell Motion Alerts.
Now that the Wink App no longer works on Vera (for me, March-2018), I’ve had to devise a way to integrate my Ring Doorbells into Vera. I don’t want to wait for Vera to integrate the function because it will take forever! So the attached .pdf is how to do it NOW, using the following:
1.) Ring Door Bell.
2.) A Hue Bridge (the real thing, not emulator).
3.) Hue App from Vera.
4.) Stringify (much like IFTTT) but it works better and faster.

Please view the attached .pdf for complete instructions.


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Very interesting. I’ll take a look, thanks for the write up!

Hue Bridge ???
Can you shed some light as to what that is?
Link to it would be great. Thanks.

[quote=“jchin, post:3, topic:198878”]Hue Bridge ???
Can you shed some light as to what that is?
Link to it would be great. Thanks.[/quote]

Hue Bridge controls Hue bulbs. You can get it at amazon. See the link below:


Hey Tom, is the premise here that the ring doorbell won’t talk to Vera, but that it will talk to Hue and Hue will talk to Vera (but it has to do that through Stringify)? It seems like the Hue lightbulb trigger thing could be handled by PLEG or a combination switch instead but I’m assuming you are familiar with those things and that it doesn’t work.

I did something similar to get my ring doorbell to pause my TV and turn the lights on in the hallway except my logic was a little different (no Hue bridge involved).

I used IFTTT for the event on the Ring and if i had a Ring it would request a Web Service.

I then put create a PHP script to run on my NAS that listened for the event to the be triggered.

eg. https://myhomeip:port/public/listener.php

The PHP script looked something like this:

if($_POST['USER'] == '<USERNAME>' && $_POST['PASS'] == '<PASSWORD>') {

Note: Not actually my code but it would work. You could do it directly to your VERA if you had authentication set up and the ports forwarded but I didn’t like that idea.

In that scene i had it pausing and popping up a notification alert on Kodi and turning the my entry lights on.

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Thanks for this, but “Stringify” couldn’t be MORE opaque. I couldn’t get it to do anything, On the other hand, from the guides it appears to be designed for iOS, which might explain why it is so opaque on a browser or an Android phone. On the other hand, IFTT works flawlessly using the same ideas.

I started with the idea using iftt, but Ring was so slow to respond through ifttt that I went to Stringify, and it worked instantly. Later, my Ring Door Bells started to fail because of heat, so I replaced them with Smartcam (wow, much better!). I used the same process with them, using Stringify and gmail alerts to trigger Stringify to my Hue. The bottom line … the Vera team will add features years past the need, much like they have in the past. This “Hue” solution allows me to trigger scenes using devices not supported by Vera. Hue is supported by everything, iftt, Stringify, Wink. So, if you have a solution that can trigger Hue, you have a trigger that can be used by Vera using the procedure I described earlier (pdf instruction).


I was using the Wink functionality like you, until the app died. Your write up is intriguing, but I’m hesitant to buy the Hue hub just for the sole purpose of being a bridge for the Ring doorbell. There’s got to be a better way. I wish Vera would work with Ring and become a partner, so these workarounds aren’t necessary.

The best thing to do is link Ring to Amazon echo if you have one. Since Amazon owns Echo the integration is there. Then you can set up a routine in the Alexa app to have the motion detector of the Ring be able to trigger devices. I did this with one of my lights connected to vera. It works pretty good.


That’s not bad at all. Thanks for the tip.

One minor issue is that Alexa can only do routines on a absolute schedule, not based on sunrise/sunset, but it’s better than my current solution of nothing. ;D

Stringify is being killed off now by its new owner, Comcast. Just FYI…
For the record, Ring is fully supported through IFTTT (and hopefully Vera will soon follow suit).

Ring needs battery notifications but other than that it does work well with ifttt and alexa.