I’ve been emailing Richard regarding license payments I made for Vera Alerts with no reply???

Are you still answering emails and issues from users?

Richard appears to be AWOL recently, I also had a licensing question which I emailed but never got a reply either.

Hope everything is OK and Richard hasn’t stopped his Vera development.

PLEG, Vera Alerts, Vera Concierge all critical Vera 3rd party plugins.

We just have to hope all is well and he will return at some point.

I did hear back from him by email a few days later. Perhaps you can give that a try. He’s a needed piece to the Vera puzzle for sure.

I was upgrading from a Vera Edge to a Vera Plus I just purchased the licenses again as it seems you can’t transfer them from an old unit.

You can transfer…but you need Richard to do it. He moved a license for me over to my second vera.