Rheem Wifi Econet Water Heater Controller


I just installed a Rheem Wifi controlled water heater. This is controlled via the Rheem Econet mobile app to change temperature and set vacation mode. It seems econet also has an API http://io.myrheem.com/#EquipmentsController

Is there a way we can add it to vera controller as a wifi/network device?

You’ll have to make a plugin or find someone who is willing (don’t count on it unless they also have the same device).

  • Garrett

Funny you mention that because I need a new hot water heater and I was looking at the Rheem wifi models. I’m surprised they opened up their API to be honest. Still on the as to whether to buy this one of another though.

Well their standalone mobile app works fine. It allows me to increase / decrease temp (up to the max set on the heater) OR to set vacation mode. I was looking to integrate it with my z-wave, so all vacation settings can be done from one place. If I ever get enough time, will looking into their apis.

I’m thinking of buying one of these hot water heaters as well, so it would be awesome if someone wrote a plugin. I wish I knew how to write them.

Any news on getting this added to Vera? My tank just died and this would be a good time to get the WiFi tank.