Rheem Econet WiFi Hot Water Tank

Is anyone interested in earning a small bounty for creating a Plugin to control wifi-enabled compatible Rheem Econet hot water tanks? It’s relatively new (a few months old).

It allows control over the water temp setting, vacation mode and offers leak detection. All of this is currently free, cloud-based (like Nest) and controlled via a smartphone app or the EcoNet web portal. I don’t believe the device may be directly controlled via its IP address.

I figured someone would have developed a plugin by now, but I’m willing to offer a bounty, VPN access to my Econet device and web portal access for plugin development.

I am willing to add to that bounty!

P.S. Have you noticed that you can’t actually get the water temp from the app? I don’t understand why they have this great touchscreen on the heater that gives you not only upper and lower temp, but also HVAC temps and yet you only can set the temp from the app.

You could get a smart control from Harmony. It can control the water heater. You could then use the vera to set temp on the smart remote via the plugin that is available.

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I have this water heater too. I’m guessing one reason this hasn’t been done is that a water heater typically has a life of 15+ years and it’s not the first HA project people tackle.

That being said, I did notice that The Wink app finally added decent support for the device. It now let’s you see and adjust the temperature and enter vacation mode. For the longest time it was the most useless type of home automation integration. It simply showed that you had a water heater and it’s name— nothing else. I didn’t see this device listed in the wink API, but that might be an interesting starting point since there is a vera plugin already. I had contacted Rheem for more API info and my requests were never really considered for more info.

This interface is the same one they now support on their Air Conditioning system which we have inn the house. I’ve tried for a year to get information but they ignite all my requests too.

If you provide the LuaUPnP log, with the Wink Connect plugin in debug mode and showing a full restart of the LuaUPnP engine, I can add support for the water heater.

If the device is wifi, it can be added to a Wink account, even if you don’t have a Wink Hub or a Wink Relay…

It is a wifi device and I don’t have a wink hub. Do I need to turn on verbose logging or anything? Also, I’m a ui5 user, I’m assuming it will work.

Just a few notes, Rheem makes two water heater modules for wi-fi. One is for gas water heaters and the other is for electric water heaters. At the API level they are probably the same. I’m running the gas version. Make be some else on here is running the electric version for good testing.

Finally if you are able to add support, you may want add some warning around temperature settings if you enable adjustment of those. High temp settings can result in scalding water. That’s a concern with any age group, but especially those with young children.

The Wink Connect plugin works with UI5 and UI7.

Yes, you will need to enable debug mode in the Wink Connect plugin (but, you do NOT need to turn on verbose logging in the Vera settings).

You will need to have a Wink Account, and the Rheem water heater should be linked to your Wink account.

You will need to have the latest version of the Wink Connect plugin installed, and will need to have the plugin set to REMOTE API mode. You will need to enter your Wink Account credentials into the setup page of the Wink Connect Device.

I installed the plugin and followed your instructions. It looks like the water heater info is being returned in the Wink API! I provided details in a PM.

Let me know if you need help testing or need more info!


New version of the Wink Connect plugin with preliminary support for the Rheem Water Heater has been posted HERE… It creates a Vera device for each water heater and (should) allow control of power on/off, temperature setpoint and vacation mode.

As I do not have a Rheem water heater, I can’t test it… so please post with any issues (with logs if possible)…

Wow! That was quick! I’ll download tonight and let you know how it goes!

A little off topic…

how do guys like this water heater? It’s on my to do list for this winter.

Bumping this topic… did anyone get this working (not using Wink)? Also, how do you like the heater?

Bump. Anyone?

[quote=“dannieboiz, post:12, topic:186132”]A little off topic…

how do guys like this water heater? It’s on my to do list for this winter.[/quote]
I bought the Rheem XG50T a year ago at Home Depot, and added on the Rheem WiFi module. My main interest was to have a water sensor alarm, my second was to remotely heat it up when returning from vacations.

I like the water heater fine, but I once woke up to a refreshingly cold shower after playing with the iPhone remote control app the previous night. A power cycle reboot of the water heater fixed it. I’d recommend anyone developing a plug-in for Vera to power cycle their water heater after they’re finished testing for the day.

I do have one problem with the WiFi module: it restricts water temperature to 140F max. I use a thermostatic mixing valve to limit the output temperature to 117 (to avoid scalds); that lets me keep very hot water in the tank. The mixed water delivers “more” hot water for showers than the tank would normally provide. The valve means I can run my water heater at maximum heat safely, but the WiFi module now limits me. I’ve sent a request to Rheem to provide an option to override the 140 degree limit; they added it to their list of “things they’ll do if enough people ask for them.”

(Oh, and the Sharkbite hoses? Totally worth it!)

Any movement on this? I just bought this water heater and would love to see this sitting on my dashboard just for kicks.

I am working with the Rheem API to get my ac into Vera and making very good progress. Once I have the ac solid I may look into the water heater depending on interest. As they share the same API I wrote the code such that I could add the WH down the road. I do not currently have the Econet WH, so for me to develop the code I would need someone to temporarily give me access to their account as the API documentation is non existent. The only way I can develop the code is to test each get and post statement.

In any case, this is just a poll to gauge interest. Shoot me a PM or reply here.

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I am interested in a Rheem app. I found this page which shows a lot of Rheem API stuff. It all looks like Greek to me. Maybe it makes sense to you. http://io.myrheem.com/#EquipmentAlertsController.

Any progress on this? My instant gas hot water system is starting to die so I need a replacement - I want make sure I buy something that I can then set the temperature of via my Vera and thus in tern via Siri.

Can someone with a Rheem Econet account please respond to Swanzi who has written a vera plugin for the Rheem AC units and is willing to write one for the Rheem Econet hot water tanks!