RGBW LED Rope lights

Hello, I was wondering if anybody could point me in the direction of some colour changing rope lights for use externally under the eaves of my house. I am looking to control them via vera lite using the Fibaro RGBW controller. Any help/ advice would be greatly appreciated.

I bought these and threw away the controllers because it worked out cheapest. I have not fitted them under the eaves yet but should have done so within a couple of weeks.


Even though they are self adhesive i recommend the clips as well.

I have done several projects using LED strips and z-wave.

The SMD 5050 as Slartibartfast mentioned are the ones to get for use with the fibaro controller. Beyond that it’s a little hard to tell you what you’ll need to use/get for your project with out knowing your needs. But I can give you some examples to give you ideas to get started…

For some baseboard lighting in my kitchen I used a fibaro RGBW controller along with these to get the project done:
Aluminum Channel (Gives it a very professional look. For runs longer than a single channel I recommend staggering the cover with the aluminum pieces. As in cut the first plastic cover in half, use 1/2 at the start, then a full segments until the you get to the end and use the last 1/2 of the plastic at the end. This helps keep the channels together and minimizes seams where 2 channels are next to each other. It not only helps keep the together next to each other but keeps them level in height):

5 Pin Connectors (Waterproof, others will probably work too, but I wanted to make sure they never slipped so the didn’t need adjusting all the time and these things connect really tight:

Power (This can be tricky because if you are doing more than 5m runs you will need repeaters and a larger power supply. All my projects have been under 5m so far, but I too will be doing my easement at which point I will know exactly what you’ll need, but don’t yet):

Switch (This was a must from the wife. The brightness/on/off can all be controlled via this switch so the whole thing just looks like it’s controlled via a switch which is really nice. The color has to be done through vera, but once the color is set it remembers it and you can then control the brightness, toggle the device, etc. all from the switch so we never get on the vera to actually use the lights, just on the occasion when we want a different color for special events. The 2 way rocker is the way to go. Even though a single toggle switch will do it, i.e. both up and down on the rocker do the same thing, the order of the fibaro button toggles makes this work. I literally have to show people that it’s not actually a 2 way rocker switch for them to believe me that up and down on the switch don’t do something different)

Lastly, the lights I used (probably the same ones as slarti’s. I will mention that the white is more of a bright white in the 5000k range. I helped my father install some under cabinet lighting and because of their kitchen I used rgbww (ww=warm white) which gives off the slightly warmer white tone in the 3000k range. So if you want the soft white make sure to get rgbww lights, it makes a huge difference in the feel of the lights)

I just went through my amazon order history so I think I got everything. If I missed something, or you have specific questions, want to see pics or video of the final projects, etc. just let me know I’ll be glad to help where I can. Also, if you decide not to use the fibaro RGBW controller and just use white led strips I can give you pointers on that too because some of the hardware is different and I’ve done those too :).

Thanks Guys for the information. A great help. :slight_smile: