RGB Bulb Recommendation

Please, can anyone recommend an RGB bulb that is available to buy in the US?

The last one I bought was a Zipato RGBW Bulb 2, which I can no longer find anywhere.

I have already bought a Singled bulb which is incompatible with Vera ZigBee, the same with Osram bulbs which also do not work with VeraPlus.

In short, are there still any z-wave lamps compatible with VeraPlus?

What is your recommendation for RGB lamps?

I use Philips Hue bulbs and the AltHue plugin for Vera which works well.

The bulbs are paired to the Philips Hue Bridge hub, but are controlled via Vera day to day.

Thank you!

I thought of this too, in fact I think it is the only existing way to have RGB light, because there is no bulb available anymore, mainly because the ZigBedd from VeraPlus is not compatible with anything.

Again thank you very much, now I feel more secure to make the purchase, after having already spent a good amount of money on incompatible things. It is saved for when I buy the Hubitat that seems to have more devices compativeis.


For LED RGBW liight strips I also use Fibaro RGBW modules whixh are Z-Wave paired directly to the Vera Plus.

And I use Dresden Fls-pp LED drivers which are Zigbee paired to the Hue Bridge for LED strips, so I have a mixture of both.

Now I am in doubt, invest USD 60 in the Philips Hub, or USD 150 in the Hubitat and get back to being compatible with the world?

I have not yet switched to Hubitat, because I do not know how else to live without the Reactor of our friend @rigpapa. I am not an expert, so I still do not know how to install the MSR that could solve the issue. When I learn, I must change.

You can pair any Zigbee 3.0 bulb pretty much to the Hue bride hub, so they don’t have to be the expensive Philips Hue bulbs.

I have some cheaper Zigbee 3.0 RGBW bulbs paired to the Hue Bridge and they work OK with the Hue system and with Vera also via the AltHue plugin.

I never used Reactor for Vera. I used PLEG.

However I have recently switched to MSR now running on a Debian Linux box. I really like MSR it’s a very easy and powerful logic engine.

Ezlo will have to be on top of their game to beat MSR!

MSR also supports Hubitat.

Personally I’d say stick with Vera and get a second hand Hue Bridge off eBay you can pick them up cheap enough.

Just make sure is the version 2 Hue Bridge the square one not the first gen round one.

Ok, I liked your comments, I will invest in the Hue Bridge new via Amazon, and already buy the kit with 3 RGB bulds :grinning:

And I have to learn how to install the MSR, I only hear good things, and that if I already like the Reactor, the MSR will be show.

Good choice! To stick with your Vera hub and get a Hue kit.

I recently had a discussion with Ezlo Devs about their new hubs and Philips Hue. I hope they will have two choices in the future, a Hue plugin similar to AltHue and direct Zigbee 3.0 pairing to their own hub.

You will need to run MSR on a separate system to your Vera hub. Various platforms are supported.

These are the installation docs here

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Fantastic your last post with the installation document. I will try it right now, because I saw that it has installation for Windows 10 Bare Metal, so it is easier for a layman like me.

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