RFXtrx plugin version alpha 7 released

New version alpha 7 of the plugin has just been released.

To download the plugin files, use the Zip archive link at the bottom of this page.
Installation & Setup
Compatible products and limitations
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What’s new in version alpha 7:

  • Support for Blyss added
  • Support for OWL CM180 added
  • Manual creation of Hasta (old models) added
  • Support for A-OK motors added
  • Support for weighting scale (BWR101/102, GR101) added (Ap15e contrib)
  • Support for Mertik-Maxitrol thermostats added (nirb contrib)
  • New callback SendMessage added
  • Last received message logged + stored in the variable “LastReceivedMsg” + displayed at the bottom of the Settings tab
  • New variable “AdjustMultipler” added to let the user apply a multiplier coefficient on weather data
  • Variable “Assocation” renamed “Association”
  • Error messages shown to the user in the status zone of the dashboard (blue zone at the top middle of the screen)