rfxlan instead of rfxtrx

Is there a possibility to use the rfxlan instead of the rfxtrx?

This plug-in supports the RFXLAN

The only changes they make are: D_RFXCOM.xml on create. But at the devices screen i get only an emty driver (not named) they are unremovable. Also i have looked to the luup files and i can not find any RFXCOM.xml

I now got a rfxcom controller device, i have set autocreate to 1 but the module doesn’t find any Oregon module. What could be wrong?

After resetting the rfxcom i now receive the Oregon temp/hum sensor, too bad the parameters are not good, temp gives 36,4 ? thats aboud 14 too High, rlv gives 34? also strange but hygro cannot be measured exactly.
I have connected my other device the rfxtrx to Windows, and rfxmgr.exe gives 23 celsius and 64 rlv so i think there is something wrong with the plugin. Too bad also i can not access the parameters (protocol lists) of the rfxlan. Ho should i do this?

You cannot use the RFXtrx plugin with the RFXlan.
You must use the other RFXCOM plugin dedicated to this plugin: http://apps.mios.com/plugin.php?id=1108
If you have any question, you have to use the topic dedicated to this RFXlan plugin: http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,4991.0.html