RFXcom with Somfy RTS


I installed the beta 3 plugin. So far, no errors and the plugin works fine. Now I want to add my somfy rts device, but I’m not able to find somfy on the tab “RFXtrx settings”. What did I miss?

I do see these:
ProGuard, FS20, La Crosse, Hideki / UPM, AD (LightwaveRF), Mertik, Visonic, RollerTrol / Hasta, Hasta (old) / A-OK, FineOffset / Viking, Byron SX, ATI, Oregon Scientific, Meiantech, HomeEasy EU, AC / ANSLUT, ARC, X10, Rubicson, AE (Blyss), Lighting4 and RSL

Any input is most welcome.



Somfy is transmit only and no need to enable a protocol for receive.

You have to add your Somfy RTS device manually. Just follow this guide http://www.vesternet.com/resources/application-notes/apnt-79

Is anyone using a Somfy battery powered Venetian blind ?. I’ve got one working but it seems that every 10 open / close cycles it goes a bit crazy. I am mostly using it to just open and close the slats (not lifting fully open). With the Somfy remote I can “jog” the slats to control it exactly as needed, has anyone found a way to “jog” the control using Vera ?. If the blind excepts the control then I guess in theory it should be possible ?.