RFXcom : Somfy blinds moves only a bit

I bought “somfy tilt only 50” and I want to use with Vera (RFXcom), but I have a problem.

When I activate a command (UP / DOWN) the cover responds, but sometimes it only moves a little. When I click up / down with the Somfy Remote, it goes all the way up / down. Is this normal?

I also have 4 tilt and lift 25 RTS, they don’t have this problem and it works perfectly.
I found something on RFXcom.com. Mabey, transmit is the problem. Who can help me solve this problem?


When you created the device in the RFXtrx interface in Vera, what type of Somfy device did you select?

BTW, I wish I could get a few tilt and lift 25 RTS here in the US. I believe that those are no longer being made by Somfy.

I am using firmware 1.87. The latest firmware 1.96 doesn’t work well with somfy, so I used the older firmware 1.87. I use the settings below.

I change the altid by hand according to:
• RFY.0 = Somfy awning
• RFY.3 = ASA awning
• RFY.8 = Somfy US Venetian blind
• RFY.9 = Somfy European Venetian blind

but does not give a good result

Somfy recently released a new Tilt & Lift 25 RTS. This one is quieter, so it is still made in Europe.

These altid’s will not work in plugin version 1.87.
That is the problem I have with developing for Somfy. I have no Somfy devices. They are pretty expensive so I don’t want to purchase something I can’t use. It seems the market for Somfy devices in the US is somewhat controlled. I’d really like to purchase some of the Lift and Tilt 25 motors and adaptors if I could only find them somewhere. Most of the sources for Somfy products in the US only sell custom made blinds and include installation in your home and they don’t offer anything that would use the RTS 25.

Thanks for your response. I am very happy with version 1.87. It works well with somfy “tilt and lift 25”. Only the somfy “tilt only 50” doesn’t work well. I understand that it is difficult to develop plugin for a devices that you do not have by yourself. Maybe I can help you test the plugin.

I am not familiar with programming a plugin. I have a little bit of basic experience, but I think that’s not enough. I am ready to help whatever is possible. It would be cool to develop the use of Somfy further. Not only for me but also for other users. I may be able to help you test the plugin. I also have a tilt and lift 25 left. I can send it to you. I bought a new one because the new tilt and lift is quieter. The old one still works perfectly but makes more noise. It’s okay for testing.

At this point I’d like you to check something about the tilt only 50 device. Select that device in the Vera Devices tab. In the Advanced section click the Variables tab. There should be an RFYMode variable. Let me know its setting.

Here are my settings:


Try changing the RFYMode from STANDARD to EUROPEAN
See if this makes a difference and if this setting is maintained.

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I have changed the RFYMode to EUROPEAN. I’ll keep you posted, but it looks like this is the solution! The somfy Tilt Only 50 now opens and closes completely. Until now no problems encountered. Thanks so far


After two weeks of testing. It still works perfectly. Changing the RFYMode is the solution

In the latest version of RFX plugin it is also possible to open the blinds by percentage. Now the new version does not work properly with Somfy. Is there a possibility to make it possible with the old version?

Sorry, it’s really not practical to try to retrofit that feature into an old version. If you’re running the latest version have you tried modifying the altid as you did before?