Reversing the displayed action of a sensor

I’ve been using schlage window sensors to monitor and alarm some misc things around my house. I want to monitor the septic high level float on my septic tank which is a normally open contact. The window sensor will show up as tripped in the Vera when in reality there is nothing wrong.

Is there any easy way to flip this in the controller?

I know I can alarm the sensor the way it is, I could also install a relay to reverse the logic of the high level float. I’m just wondering if there is a setting I can use to get the sensor to display correctly in the Vera with out doing additional wiring.

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It’s not a sensor, but you could create a virtual switch and reverse the logic with PLEG.

You are really not getting anything but a green light, though. No ability to arm or disarm the virtual switch like a regular sensor device.

I believe there is a variable you can add in the sensors advanced settings to inverse the status of the sensor… I’m not 100% on that tho