retrieve json file through

I was previously able to get my Vera’s JSON file with the link below(password and username left out), but now I keep getting a “503 - Service Not Available” message.

Anybody know why?

I was wondering if it had something to do with me using Vera in a switch setup. Not sure since I’m stuck right now. How is everyone else receiving their json files remotely???

Any help would be appreciated.

@mrHTN… If I had to guess, the last time you ran the URL you were running a 1.0.6xx build, and you’ve likely upgraded to the Luup builds since then.

I’m guessing based upon this post where you reference the [really old] 1.0.918 build:

Try changing the port reference from 3451 to 49451, which is the one used by the Luup builds…

Perfect, thanks! I was hoping it was something simple.