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Good morning all,
Yesterday I discovered that one of my Reactor instances went completely blank. I’m not sure when precisely, but I believe it was in the past week or two… I had an issue where I had to contact Vera support, and they had me do a system restore, and then I was able to add new devices. I’m guessing it happened then for some reason.

First off, is there way to extract a Reactor instance from an old system restore? As I said, I’ve added a few new devices, and if I restore to a point two weeks ago, I may end up adding things back and redoing other Reactor instances that I’ve updated.

Are Reactor instances backed up automatically somehow? If so, where can I find them?

Any other advice to restore this reactor instance? It was quite complicated to create, and it would be very frustrating to redo manually.

Alright, sort of figured it out. It wasn’t pretty, but I was able to Restore my reactor instance. I’m still unclear how the Reactor instance was cleared out.

  1. Went into the main Reactor device, and did a backup of Reactor as it’s current state.
  2. Went to Settings → Backup and Restore → Downloaded last nights backup.
  3. Restored system state from 6 days ago.
  4. Verified missing Reactor instance was still there, then performed another backup of Reactor.
  5. Went back into Settings → Backup and Restore → Restored downloaded backup from last night and restored Z-Wave network. This brought the missing devices that were added last Friday and a removed a device that was removed from the system the same day.
  6. Uploaded reactor-config-backup.json from 6 days ago in Apps → Develop apps → Luup files
  7. Went into main Reactor instance and restored the empty instance from the backup from 6 days ago.

So, not too hard, but I would like to see some sort of automatic backup for Reactor. I don’t know if there is a way to scp files off of Vera automatically to a local server or something cloud based, but that would be useful. This really had me panicked for a bit last night when I discovered the problem, until I was able to calmly work through the issue.


Reactor has its own backup and restore mechanism, in the Reactor master device, that lets you make backups and restore an individual ReactorSensor. There is no automatic backup.

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Hey Patrick,
I noticed my landscaping lighting didn’t come on this evening, and went to check the conditions, and I was greeted with an empty reactor instance. This is the second time this has happened to me. Any idea what causes this?

Usually Vera UI getting out of sync with the controller. The data is actually not affected, it just makes everything look blank (state variables in all devices, not just Reactor). It most often occurs after you delete a device, as far as I’ve seen.

A hard reset of the browser usually resolves it. But, if you go in and edit stuff when the UI is out of sync, it can corrupt the configuration. Restore the RS from backup if that happens.

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