Restore a VeraPlus (with USB Z-Wave dongle) backup to a VeraSecure


Due to a z-wave chip failure on my old VeraPlus years ago , thanks to the help of support and this forum, I was able to get it working again using an external USB zwave dongle. (All i had to do was change the USB port setting (to ttyACM0) under the Zwave settings page - see image attached…)

As I’ve now managed to pick up an old VeraSecure unit and have done a full back up (including z-wave ) on the Plus and have tried a full restore on to the new Secure unit, but so far it’s not showing the z-wave devices…?

With the help of the forum, I’ve tried a few things from the command line, but nothings worked so far . Has anyone had any experience in doing something like this… restoring the zwave network from a usb external dongle to the on board zwave chip.

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