Resolved > Spanish TTS


Just installed the sonos plugin yesterday and I’m loving it, many thanks to the developer.

Right now I wanted to know how to change the code for the TTS languages to use the plugin directly from the dashboard, currently it puts in Spanish as “sp” when it should be “es”.

You can change manually the “sp” in the option box (attached image) and make it work, but it doesn’t stay that way if you change to other languages and back again.
I’ve looked in the code I uploaded yesterday and can’t find the language options.

p.d. English TTS works flawlessly ;D


Have a look in the file:


and search for:


change sp to es and upload modified file. Hopefully that will work but I haven’t tried it.

Thank you a-lurker,

It worked!!!

That’s noticed. Will be fixed the next time I commit a change in the trunk.