Resolved: How to setup scenes with different presets on a single PT Camera?

I’ve been trying to set up more than one scene using the same PT Camera triggered by different door sensors and have the camera look to the preset view that I would like, but had no luck.
As you know you can easily set up many preset views on a PT Camera by logging to the camera directly (by ip) to its user interface.
In my case, the location I’ve installed my PT Camera covers three door entrances (I have already setup the preset views for the 3 locations). On all the doors I have already set up a door sensor but when I’m creating a scene triggered by any of the three door sensors, there is no options for me to select to which of the preset views I would like the PT camera to look before taking a short clip.

I will really appreciate any help.

PS. I’m sure there must be some functionality the those preset views!?!?

I found it on a different post and it worked.
After creating the scene with the trigger and event on the step 3 - Finish the scene
I added this line on the LUUP Code:


The IP address is the one from your PT Camera and on the user and password just type the one you have already configured.

This are the commands for the different presets:

–Preset #1 = command=31
–Preset #2 = command=33
–Preset #3 = command=35
–Preset #4 = command=37
–Preset #5 = command=39
–Preset #6 = command=41
–Preset #7 = command=43
–Preset #8 = command=45

So I created three scenes for each door sensor and had the camera look the preset view I want for each door.