Resetting a Vera Edge

About a year ago I attempted a standard firmware upgrade to the latest version then available. This left the Vera Edge is a non-responsive state. It was not responding to the Z-Wave or IP networks. At the time of failure, the Power, Internet, an Z-Wave lights were solid (Wi-Fi was purposely disabled), and the Services light was blinking rapidly. (I was out of the country for a year, hence the long delay before detailed troubleshooting.)

I isolated the unit, connected a computer directly, and attempted to determine if the network configuration had changed (using a combination of standard tools – “ping” to see if any hosts on the network would respond, and “arp -a” to see if the Vera Edge would identify its address). To no avail.

I then followed the forums advice of a factory reset, holding a paperclip in reset pinhole upon boot for ~60 seconds. About an hour now after that procedure and the unit’s Power light is blinking, while the rest are solid. It is still not returning an IP address using the commands above.

I am running out of time and hope for this unit. If there is a console I can access on the device, I am willing to open the case to get to it (or via the USB port somehow). Any useful advice would be appreciated.

Thanks, JD

JD, if you can’t get this resolved the best thing to do would be to have Customer Care see what they can do.

I found that when I did a factory reset it came up using 2 addresses. One was from my local network using DHCP. I used Fing(free network scanner) to find it. You know the mac address(on the bottom on the device) so you should be able to see it from your router as well.