Reset Z-Wave chip via command line or http request?

Is there a way to reset the ZWave chip (not the network) in Vera 3 from a command line via Telnet or http? I went through the upgrade from Vera 3/UI5 to Vera 3 /UI7 and I made a local backup of the Vera 3/UI5 configuration just in case. It didn’t go well at all. I’m left with the power and WAN lights on but no Zwave light and I can’t get to the Dashboard. The cursor just spins and eventually times out leaving me on a customer support page. I’m thinking maybe if I reset the Z Wave chip I might get a response from the system. None of the reset button instructions work (3 times or 6 times push over 10 seconds or holding in the reset button for 10 sec). Any help is appreciated.


Please note that we have created a trouble ticket for you. As soon as you have time, please reply to it.

Thank you and Have a nice day,

Thank you. Your support people got on it right away and set me in the right direction.