Reset Vera plus

have a VERA controller with many z-wave plus devices.
First my system was very slow, I wanted to reset it. I made a backup of my configuration and z-wave network.
The controller had a lot of trouble to reset itself (factory reset). Both with the 6 pushes of the reset button and the ssh command. The controller was inaccessible via http.

I finally opened a ticket with VERA support who was very responsive. They asked me by email to perform some tasks. But it was difficult or impossible because the controller was inaccessible via http, but still via SSH.

We agreed on a telephone appointment. For an hour and a half the technician guided me, and even asked me to send some SSH commands. Apparently a partition of the controller was full.

I was able to upload my configuration file. The controller seems to work well and much faster.
Nevertheless, it is difficult to turn on/off devices placed behind z-wave plus devices.
It is sometimes necessary to send the command through the controller a dozen times before the device runs.

The type of z-wave devices are switches (1 or 2 connections), roller devices, door sensors.
I also have a connection with my Philips Hue bridge and Z-waves plus remote controls (ZRC-90).

Does anyone have an idea how to get everything back to the way it was (WITHOUT HAVING TO OPEN ALL MY WALLS TO RE-PAIR ALL MY Z-WAVE DEVICES) ?

Thanks in advance for your help ?

Gilles from :switzerland: