Reset UPNP list and start a fresh scan

I’ve isolated my to Vera Lite’s to try and get them to see each other. The 1st one sees the 2nd during a UPNP device but if I add a UPNP device on the 2nd it does not see the 1st. I thought maybe there were to many devices on my network so I isolated the units on their own switch that also has my laptop on them. The list on both devices never updates and both still show items from my network, which they currently cannot see. Is there a way to reset the UPNP scan list and restart the process?

Just wanted to give an update in case anyone searches this. Not that it will be very helpful.

To give everyone a quick background on the setup. I had 2 Vera Lites running UI5. My master unit was connected in my house to my alarm system and all my devices. I then added some locks to my Shop and I couldn’t find a good repeating device to pass the encrypted signal to talk to my Master. So I put in a 2nd Vera Lite in my office and made it a slave UPNP device to my master. I was then able to control everything with my master via the slave vera. This was great for several years. Over the years I’ve debated about upgrading from UI5 but I heard about all the bugs with all the newer version so I never did. A few days ago I finally took the plunge to upgrade to UI7. Thats when the bridge between the 2 Lites broke. I couldn’t get my master to see my slave but I could get my slave to see my master. After trying to figure out why and researching and not finding anything I finally broke down and reached out to support. We did a remote session as I wanted to watch what they did. Come to find out my master still had the slave as a upnp device, which is why it wasn’t scanning for it, but it deleted all of the devices that were brought over during the add process. We had to delete the device manually and then support had to remote in to the device directly and clear out the upnp table and restart the scan. I tried to get him to provide me the commands he ran but he wasn’t giving them up. :). After that the we performed another scan on the master and the slave showed up and it was able to added back in and all of the devices were imported.

So my point is that if you have an existing bridge network and finally upgrade and notice the bridge isn’t working then it maybe that the units are connected but the devices got dropped off. Devices on a slave are only brought in during the add process, or at a least support didn’t know of a way to reimport them. So you may have to clear out the device and UPNP list if you can find the commands to do so and everything back in.