Reset/Remove Schlage lock?

I have a Schlage z-wave deadbolt in my house, and up until recently it’s been working fine. A couple of weeks ago it stopped being recognized in the Vera control panel. Even though I know the batteries are fully charged, the battery icon has a question mark in the control panel. I can still lock and unlock the door using the keypad, but it doesn’t trigger scenes like it used to. I’d like to try removing it from my network and adding it again, essentially starting from scratch. I checked out the wiki and I’m not sure what procedure I should do. Should I simply reset the lock, should I remove/unpair it, should I reset it to its factory defaults, or all of the above? For the record, this is the wiki page I was looking at.

Not too long ago I had my Schlage lockset stop responding to Vera. I deleted the lock in Vera, excluded the lock and then included the lock. It reinstalled fine. I would try that before going through the trouble of resetting the lock.

before doing either I would try a “configure node right now” it has set devices right for me many times, but yes when that fails usually need to exclude/include