Requesting Fibaro Dimmer assistance - input on how to connect it


I am struggling a bit with the basic electronics required to connect the Fibaro dimmer correctly in my kitchen. I am planning to use the Fibaro dimmer to control the LED spots I have under my wall hanging cupboard and so far I can pair the fibaro module and turn it on and off from the Vera, but as the light doesn’t turn on and off I am guessing that I haven’t connected it correctly.

The system consists of a three LED spots [url=][/url] and one LED driver that works with leading edge dimmers [url=][/url] .

I have included a few images of how I have connected it, and would love some criticism and hopefully some help. I haven’t connected a switch as i am planning on controlling it from a wireless z-wave switch.

Thanks in advance!

It certainly looks to be connected correctly… Are you sure the LED driver is compatible? Can you check on a bench with a normal (mains) light to see if the module is working?

The Fibaro wiring looks fine. What does the LED wiring look like? The LEDs are wired in parallel not series, correct?

If you take out the Fibaro dimmer and hard wire the LED driver, do the LEDs work?

you need a bypass