Requested Features

I am currently using 3 apps on my device, Vera Mobile, Homewave and Veramate premium. I like veramate the most but it missed some feature with offers by other app. If possible, please consider to include these future on your future update.

1- Inclusion/Exclusion (Available in homewave app)
2- Touch ID on app and each devices for double protection, Prompt with Touch ID or pin on some devices such as Disarm an alarm or unlock the door… before activate then (veramate currently prompt with OK only) This feature is available in Homewave app.
3- Scenes, It would be great if I could edit scenes on veramate like Vera mobile app.
4- Nest Status, Wish I could toggle be tween Home/Away on Nest thermostat.


Thanks for the feedback. Just some feedback:

  1. I haven’t had any requests for this before - could potentially be a quick addition… I’d need to research the commands firstly though, unless anyone has those details… :slight_smile:

  2. I have been wanting to add this in, but have had a couple difficulties - this is on the development list.

  3. Again, on the dev list, but a lot more complicated - I don’t think I’d have the capacity to add this any time soon unfortunately.

  4. I’ve been working with a helpful user with a plugin for nest (albeit I’ve been a bit slow) - I’m hoping this might be in for 10.11/10.12. Could you confirm the plugin you are using? (The device type in the settings would be helpful, or the link to the plugin).

Thanks for responding. I am not sure what are you looking for on #4. I am using nest plug in version is 1.8 on my VeraLite, device type: urn:schemas-watou-com:device:Nest:1 and plugin: 3116.