Request to ap15e - subscribe if you agree

Hello all
I have been looking at several advanced topics such as log server integration , VoIP and others and almost all of them have had in the past a contribution and work done by an advanced user “ap15e”

As you may know the user has decided to not contribute anymore to the community and withdraw his wonderful work.

I fully agree with his motivations and respect his choice not to contribute anymore but I would like to “start from where he left” and try to evolve from there and not start from scratch on the same topics.

If you feel the same please join me in thanking ap15e and asking him to release the last versions of his works “as is” and without any further support for the rest of the community to try to build on them.

ca va sans dire that if ap15e wants to continue keeping his work private I am the FIRST ONE to respect by that choice and to shut up instantly.