Request: Configurable change amount for dimmer button

Hello. Great app.

Currently, the dimmer button control increases or decreases the level by 10.

It would be great (for me at least) if that amount was configurable, so I could increase/decrease my lights by 1, 2, etc.

I have some LED bulbs that seem to do the most of their dimming in the 0-10 range and having the ability to bind a fine-grained adjustment to a dimmer button would help me get the levels just right. It would also particularly help me when trying to “mix” colors on my RGBW lights.

I’m using the slider for this right now, but even on my iPad it’s difficult to get them just like I want them.



While it’s not a feature present for dimmers, intveltr added range limits to the thermostat setpoint sliders for a similar reason. No one (that I know of) needs to adjust temperature within an 80-degree range… it’s more like 10 or 20. With range limits (see “Minimum temp” and “Maximum temp” on the attachment), you can set the min & max values for the slider. This might be what you’re looking for, maybe in a future release.