Reputable vendor for...

A Kwikset contemporary deadbolt?

ASIHome, or another vendor who offers prompt service and competitive pricing?


P.S. Will be selling the Schlage Satin Nickle Deadbolt that is one week old that I will be swapping out for the Kwikset; if anyone is interested, PM me with an offer.

I’ve never had anything but great experiences with ASIhome, but you might want to email or call them before ordering if you are super concerned about immediate shipping - just to confirm they have it in stock.


Great experiences with ASIHome, other than items being out of stock. And, I’ve read that sometimes it can take weeks before items are restocked. It would be nice if they indicated stock/availability on their site.
That said, the last item I needed, I called to check stock. They had the item in stock, so I ordered it. A few days later, the item hadn’t shipped, so I called them back. They said they had no idea why the item hadn’t shipped and they shipped it. Of course, many of us share the same impatience/impulse with this “hobby”, so I was a little irritated. I will continue to order from them, but they/we should always strive to improve…

Thanks everyone - I ordered from ASIHome. Called to confirm the lock was in stock and they assured me it would go out tomorrow. So far, so good :wink:

i picked up some sensors from and i was very happy with the whole process and will order again from them

ASIHOME…plus Barry is an active participant on this forum.

It turns out that after having been told that there were 4 in stock and placing my order, ASIHome sent me a follow-up e-mail to inform me that the lock was not in stock… It appears the computer was wrong about the in-stock quantities - I have since cancelled my order.

blacey, try they have the locks in stock and A1 customer service and delivery. They are located in Ontario, Canada.

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Also, their site is a little primitive, but I got fast next day shipping from [url=][/url]. Not sure if they have the lock in stock but they did when I ordered.