Replacing internal fuse

We had a power surge during a bad storm and blew 6 of my GE Z wave receptacles. I was wondering if anyone has taken apart and replaced the internal fuses on these units?


I pulled one apart once. And It was too much of a pain to put back together so in the HA junk heap it went. There were no fuses in it.

Thanks I was hoping for a repair


Some fuses look like resistors so it just might not look like what you are expecting. Either way you would probably void the UL listing taking it apart and modifying the device by changing the fuse. You’ll have to decide whether the risk/reward is worth it (of insurance company pitching fit if you ever had a claim).

Yes that is a good point, just hate throwing away 6 devices.
I installed a whole house surge protecter after this event and hopefully this will protect my devices


Did you check with Jasco?

I would also check the integrity of the ground for your home. Often the main home ground gets damaged or corroded and doesn’t provide a good ground point anymore. That can be obvious physical damage (frayed wire or loose connector) or less obvious (corrosion or oxidation). Also sometimes ground rods are installed in places where the soil is very dry and if they were driven in at a steep angle, they might not be too deep. Sometimes water meter is changed out (to a plastic one) and the ground loop across the water meter isn’t properly (re) installed (essentially disconnecting that grounding point).

Not sure any of these apply but easy enough to double check.