Replacing an existing switch with a zone/scene control

Hi all,

I’m very new to the automated home lighting and would appreciate some assistance. I’ve installed Cooper Aspire RF dimmers throughout most of my house and everything works great. I know want to install some scene/zone control keypads. Is there a scene/zone control keypad that I can install as a replacement for an existing switch that will also control the load for that switch or do I have to cut a hole and add another switch box. It looks like the Leviton VRCZ$-MRZ might do this but does it “play” well with all Cooper devices. And does the Cooper Aspire RFWC5 do this or does it require a new switchbox to be added. Thanks for any help!!



The Leviton VRCZ4-MR can do zone control and you can control a local load. It’s a switch, not a dimmer.
I don’t have experience with the Cooper gear, but the RFWC5 appears to be just a controller, like a VRCZ4-M0.

My guess would be that the Leviton will activate your Cooper devices fine, but it will get interesting in terms of the LED status. Vera can control the LEDs of the Leviton directly; not aware of that feature for the Coopers.