Replacement for Nortek/GoControl FS20Z-1 Dry contact relay?

I have had in my system for quite a few years a Nortek FS20Z-1 “Fixture module receiver” providing a z-wave controlled dry relay. It recently died, so I am looking for a replacement, but unfortunately it seems that this device is no longer manufactured. Can anyone suggest a current device that could replace it?

My requirements (which the FS20Z-1 met) are this:

  • Fit in a single gang box
  • powered my line voltage (120V/60Hz)
  • Provide an isolated dry contact output that simply opens/closes a separate circuit
  • It does NOT need to be able to switch a large load, or, really, any load. It is just opening/closing a “button”
    type contact

I’ve seen a couple of options that theoretically could work, except for the power issue - they run on low voltage, which would mean I would somehow need to fit both them and a power supply into the same single-gang box, which would seem to be challenging at best. Maybe if I got a small enough power supply, and the device itself was small?

Hello @ibrewster

One option you have would be the MiMoLite.

That looks like it runs on 9V power, so I would have to pair it with a power supply of some sort (I think it comes with a plugin supply, but I only have wires in the box…), but as long as it is small enough to fit both in the wall box, yes this could be an option.

I suppose, though, I could put an outlet in the wall box and then rig up a small shelf or something to set this and its power supply on. Could be an option.


The Remotec Zwave Dry Contact Fixture Module has been working well for me for about a year. I got mine on Amazon’s but it’s currently out of stock there. This seems to have them… Remotec Z-Wave Dry Contact Fixture Switch Module | Smart Home Gadgets

That looks like an excellent option (even better than the FS20Z-1 actually), but that link is showing sold out as well (at least for me). I’ll look around and see if I can find one somewhere. Thanks!

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