Replacement for FGS-211 new FGS-213?

Hi one of my Fibaro single relays (FGS-211) is not responding anymore , and I have to replace it.The FGS-211 seems to be out of stock at so it might be difficult to get 100% replacement for my broken relay.

I did notice that fibaro has release on replacement for FGS-211 new FGS-213 . Has anyone tested it with vera Plus ?

Hi markoe,

the new Fibaro switches FGS-2x3 are not working well with the VERA units. The new Fibaros are supporting ZWave+ (so called 5th gen.). It became more and more obvious that the VERA units still have problems with ZWave+ devices. Unfortunately the VERA units have no possibilities to pair a device without using the Zwave+ options (non-secure inclusion) as any other controllers do.
For me I’m not able to use the FGS-223 until these bugs are fixed.

RitterIwan thanks your reply. I guess no schedule available when the vera gets ZWave+ support. I have to decide what to do with the broken device this week. I hate to buy old devices but may be I have to go that way :-\

I installed a Fibaro Single Switch FGS-213 for automatic controlling a lamp with the Vera Plus.
Together with the Single Switch I also changed the normal light switch to a Momentary (Push) Switch.

With a Scene in the Vera Plus Controller the lamp goes perfectly ON and OFF like I programmed and wished.

But when I manually actived the lamp by pushing the Momentary (Push) Switch I hear the Single Switch Relay clicking twice.
The first time when I push the Momentary Switch and the second time when I release the Momentary Switch.
That means that the lamp stays in the same position as it was (ON stays ON and OFF stays OFF).

When I push the Momentary Switch very quickly then the Relay in the Single Switch clicks only once and the lamp goes OFF (when it is ON) or ON (when it is OFF).

I have already changed Parameter 14 to Data Size: 1 byte dec with Desired Value: 0.

I found it.

It’s not parameter 14 anymore (like it always was with FGS 211/212) but now it’s parameter 20 (FGS 213) that we have to change to a momentary switch.

I also need to change the parameter 20 from 2 to 0 to get the function correctly. How is this done?
Vera Plus and Fibaro FGS-223 with latest firmware. (updated around xmas 2016)