Replace MyQ with z-wave Garage Opener - Uses for MyQ?

Hi All,

I considered getting rid of MyQ for my garage door opener and replacing with z-wave control. While I haven’t looked into the z-wave devices yet, does anyone have an idea what they would do with the MyQ unit?

I don’t like throwing out equipment that still works but MyQ with IFTTT and any other fun options requires you to pay for a subscription as many of you know and I refuse to do that.

One of the actual main reasons for switching is that depending on how new the battery is in the tilt sensor will determine if you get a notification if the temperature drops somewhere below 45F. Fresh battery seems to be ok but in my opinion that’s not good enough.

What do you think?


I don’t really have any suggestions, but the price of MyQ has dropped on Amazon to $40 so I came here looking to see if the deveice can be integrated into the Vera platform. I know there is a MyQ gateway plugin, but wasn’t sure how that worked anymore.

Does MyQ integrate with Vera via a plugin? I am thinking of getting it, but I want to make sure the integration works first.

Thanks. Development of the plugin stopped a while back. Myq had been know to change the API whenever they wanted breaking the connection many times but presently it works and I use it. I would not rely on this for any length of time though. It’s unknown when myq will change things again.

I think they recently changed them…how do I find the new API? And will it matter?

I don’t know short of searching the web. You can view the plugin files probably and try to reverse engineer from the command line too.

Hi guys,

Not sure if the old Linear/Nortek?GoControl GDZ is still in production but it worked very well with Vera.

The alternative would be Aeotec Garage Door Controller 5. Aeotec always makes high-quality z-wave products but I’m not sure about the availability of the US flavor.

The nortek/gocontrol is still in production and there are many versions of it… I had one of mine fail and swapped it out for an updated zwave+ version. Highly recommend the newer one obviously and it isn’t always immediately obvious to tell the difference. Label in the back and on the box will show. There are many firmware versions of it too.

On the other hand, I have had very bad experience with aeotec products in general as they often need regular reboots and sometimes somewhat complex configurations.

I can’t see which was the last thread we were using but MyQ stopped working today for me. LOL, hope it’s not end of the line.

MyQ plugin stopped working recently – I have 3 Liftmaster 8500C openers with the MyQ gateway that I want to use within Vera scenes. Hoping a new functional version of the plugin is posted soon. Version 2.2 is essentially non-functional, so should be removed from the Vera menu “Apps” > “Install Apps” listing…

MyQ 2.2 not working for me either…lmk if anyone hears anything